For parties with small or fairly straightforward disputes, a new process of resolution has been introduced. Known as SCRIBE, Small Claims Resolved Informally by Experts is a procedure designed to deal with disputes quickly and cost-effectively.

SCRIBE is the creation of LWP.Sg Consultants, a Singapore-based maritime and dispute resolution consultancy set up by Lee Wai-Pong, former executive director of the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration. His fellow consultants are highly experienced and qualified in a broad spectrum of business sectors, working in Singapore, the UK and internationally.

When to use SCRIBE

The SCRIBE process is most suitable for claims of up to US 50,000 or in relatively straightforward cases. The procedure aims to resolve these claims as quickly and inexpensively as possible without the need for lengthy and costly legal proceedings.

By avoiding a protracted argument and full court case, the parties can not only save a significant amount of money but can put their time and effort into moving forward and resuming normal business.

The SCRIBE process

To start the SCRIBE process, one party (the Claimant) needs to serve an official Request for SCRIBE on the other party (the Respondent), sending a copy of this Request to LWP.Sg Consultants. [The Request form is available via the LWP.Sg and websites.]

The Respondent can then serve a Response to Request for SCRIBE on the Claimant, agreeing to partake in the resolution process. The Claimant will then write to LWP.Sg Consultants asking for an expert to be appointed, with both parties sending an equal payment for the fee.

Once the expert has been appointed, the parties will sign a memorandum of issues for resolution and subsequently file and exchange written submissions, setting out their position. The process limits submissions to 1,500 words and only key documentation is permitted in support, to a maximum of ten A4 pages.

An oral hearing is arranged, or alternatively, the parties can agree that the expert will reach his decision based on the submissions alone. The hearing is limited to 45 minutes for each party’s submissions and a further 15 minutes for the Claimant to respond.

The expert will give his decision within one working day of the hearing. The parties will have undertaken to carry out any actions required by the expert or make any payments stipulated, which can include costs and interest.

The benefits of SCRIBE

The SCRIBE process has been carefully tailored to keep proceedings as short and focused as possible. This is to enable the matter to be resolved without lengthy preparation of unlimited amounts of documents and submissions and hearings that may drag on for days or longer.

We understand the resolution process and know that the best outcome is a fair one that allows the parties involved to move on from their dispute and concentrate on taking their business forward. This is especially important when the world is (and will be for some time) reeling under the impact of the pandemic and its aftermath. SCRIBE targets the heart of the matter and LWP-Sg’s experts are able to make an efficient assessment of the situation, bringing the dispute to a swift end with a fair and reasonable solution.

If you would like to explore whether the SCRIBE procedure can help you resolve a dispute or you have any questions about the process, please call Lux-Mediation on 07876 232 305 or email