Germany Mediator

Germany Mediator

Are you having an international dispute?

Do you need a mediator?
Are you in need of a Germany mediator?
Lux Mediation is the place to turn!


Lux Mediation are leading experts in international and national commercial law. We have an established reputation within the mediation and arbitration industry. Our aim for all our customers is very simple, we want to help businesses achieve the best possible outcome for all parties through the mediation and arbitration process.


Lux Mediation was founded by Jonathan Lux, an experienced mediator, arbitrator and solicitor. Jonathan has over 40 years experience in the industry and this has lead him to having to deal with several challenging disputes.


Not only does Jonathan have the knowledge and experience to be your chosen Germany mediator, but he has lived and worked in Hamburg. Jonathan was part of the Mitglied der Hanseatischen Rechtanswaltskammer  in 2001. He is also fluent in German, as well as French and English. His experience living in Germany as well as his fluency in the language, makes him understand the culture, how the law works and how disputes can best be resolved.


Lux Mediation have collected knowledge about mediation in Germany, another aspect making them an excellent choice to be your Germany mediator. Mediation does not yet play a significant role in Germany. However, this may soon change. The German Legislature has enacted a Mediation Act which is implementing the European Union’s Mediation Directive. This may results in mediation playing a more active role in the country in the near future.


The main debate in Germany over the necessity of mediation is whether mediation should be offered by judges or if there should be other necessary persons involved. They are also concerned about how the quality or mediation services might best be ensured. Furthermore, which structures are the most promising to significantly further the use of mediation as an alternative to litigation before state courts.


These are all aspects which Lux Mediation are following along closely and will know what is best for any client seeking their services as Germany mediator.


Are you interested in using Lux Mediation to be your Germany mediator? Contact us today on: +44 (0) 7876 232 305 to start your mediation process! You can also send an email to:  or visit our superb website for more information!

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