Hong Kong Mediator

Hong Kong Mediator

Do you have a dispute you need to resolve?

Is it an international dispute?

Do you need a Hong Kong mediator?

Lux Mediation is the company to help you!


Lux Mediation are leading experts in international and national commercial law. The aim of the company is simple, we want to help businesses achieve the best possible outcome for all parties involved in the mediation process. This includes international law, such as acting as a Hong Kong mediator.


At the core of Lux Mediation is Jonathan Lux. Jonathan has nearly 40 years experience as a solicitor, mediator and arbitrator. His work has seen him living in London, Hamburg and even Hong Kong. His language skills also further qualify him as he is fluent in English, German and French.


In 1986 Jonathan Lux was a solicitor in Hong Kong.

While living there, he was a member of Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC). While working in Hong Kong Jonathan gained a great deal of knowledge about the country, culture and laws and this has greatly benefited him when it comes to his work as a Hong Kong mediator.


Hong Kong is moving forward with their mediation process, something Jonathan Lux and his team are highly aware of. Mediation is an important process to consider as it is part of Alternative Dispute Resolution, thus taking place outside all formal settings.


At Lux Mediation we take on the responsibility of coordinating and conducting meetings as well as correspondences between the disputed parties. Our aim is to facilitate the disputed parties and to really understand, discuss and make an effort to resolve the dispute in a fair manner.


Mediation is a voluntary and completely confidential service, and as a Hong Kong mediator we take this very seriously. As mediators we will not give any personal opinion about what may be right or wrong in the case, and we will do all we can to assist you in reaching a fair outcome.

Are you interested in contacting Lux Meditation to help you as a Hong Kong Mediator? We can guarantee an excellent service and a fair outcome! Contact us today on: +44 (0) 7876 232 305 or send an email to: jonathan@lux-mediation.com. You can also visit our website to find out more about our superb services!

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