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Lux Mediation are international mediation and arbitration experts. We can help you resolve your disputes effectively and efficiently as a top ranked London Mediator. 

Jonathan Lux is the esteemed founder of Lux Mediation. He is a top-ranked, full-time UK mediator with over 35 years’ experience in a wide range of disputes. These have included complex, high-value and international cases. As a London mediator Jonathan Lux has been rated as a ‘leading mediator’.

Our extensive expertise allows us to be a leading London mediator – why not choose us to help solve your dispute?

Why should you choose Lux Mediation?

Because of their experience. Jonathan Lux’s career has taken him abroad to work. Specifically to Hamburg and Hong Kong. He is fluent in English, French and German. This makes him excellent in understanding cultural disputes.

Jonathan began his successful career after graduating from Nottingham University with a University Exhibition and LLB Honours Degree in 1977. He joined one of the City’s leading law firms, Ince & Co, and in 2002 he rose to Senior Partner level.

Jonathan then went on to specialise independently in mediation and was called to the Bar and joined Chambers in 2011. His immense experience make Jonathan Lux the ideal choice to be your London mediator.

There are several reasons to choosing a mediator and the mediation process instead of going to court. By choosing the right London mediator you will be able to reach a faster agreement than if you were to go to court. You, as a client, have full control as mediation is a voluntary process.

There is also a greater chance of a preserved relationship between the parties as the outcome is generally thought of as fair. A mediator is chosen to be a neutral third party and the decision they come to is final. This is why it is vital to choose the best London mediator, such as a member of Lux Mediation.

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