As documented widely in the national news, Ryanair have opted to choose the route of mediation which has also been accepted by their pilots who have been involved with a series of recent strikes. Subsequently affecting the budget airline worldwide, with many disgruntled passengers voicing their concerns this month.

It’s thought that around 100 of Ryanair’s 350 Irish-based pilots joined colleagues in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden in recent strikes, which has seen near 400 flights cancelled, unhappy holidaymakers and a disrupted service.

These mediation talks are with an aim to resolve the long-running dispute between Ryanair and Forsa – the company that is responsible for the Irish pilots in dispute – who have been unhappy over their current pay.

Mediation, in which a neutral third party assists parties to work towards a negotiated settlement, is an increasingly popular and accepted method of resolving disagreements across the international business world –

including the aviation industry.

As an example, Ryanair and Forsa are the two parties locked in a dispute which must otherwise be fought out in litigation. As this indicates, mediation can be particularly useful where the parties wish to continue a business relationship which could be damaged by aggressive court or arbitral proceedings.

Both Ryanair and Forsa also chose to engage in the mediation process – courts do not have the power to force parties to enter into settlement negotiations.

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